Italia76 International trade company

Italia76 comes from the need to bring together in one company years of experience in internationalization and localization of enterprises and products of Gabriele Ferrari, and corporate communication of Alessandro Trenti. We are specialized in managing in outsource import and export departments including sourcing (Italy, Hong Kong, China, Korea and Taiwan), negotiations, audits, quality inspections.

Range of products

Our Range of Products includes (but is not limited to) electric appliances, houseware and food, with an highlight on Made in Italy high quality products.

Custom services

We differentiate our services to our clients in order to be able to serve their needs better than a more generic competitor.


We create a long-term relationship with clients and suppliers. We have partnership with some of them since more than 30 years.

We establish a comprehensive service experience for our clients that includes consultation, product/client search, purchasing contracts, warehousing, shipping, delivery, and follow up service analysis.

Due to the long term experience in scouting and negotiation and a network of more than 100 reliable international suppliers, the most of our customers ask us to negotiate all the existing prices with their suppliers and look for alternative products / suppliers.