ANUGA SHOW – Cologne October 10 – 14 2015

Italia76 and our business partner Emilia Foods are glad to invite you at ANUGA SHOW in Cologne,
the world´s leading food fair for the retail trade and the food service and catering market.

From saturday 10 october to wednesday 14 october 2015 you can visit us at BOOTH D-013  HALL 4.01.,
daily from 10:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m., to see Italia76’s famous pizza oven made in Italy and taste
Emilia Food’s delicious frozen pizza, all studied and optimized to be perfectly cooked in our pizza oven.

Italian brand licensing in Asia

Italian brand licensing in Asia

Asia is looking for Italian corporate brand licensing.

From Shanghai to Seoul to Tokyo many corporate brand licensing deals have already signed; Italia76 has started his own licensing with the brand ROSSOWOLF in South Korea in 2014 and now in the same Country is starting other two licensing in small domestic electric appliances.

According to the customer’s needs the brand can be selected among well known Italian brands or it can be studied  as a new Italian brand, taking in consideration specific requirements of the customer’s market.

For each Italian brand / licensing, Italia76 provides:
extension of the Italian and European trademark registration in Asia
marketing support in building the brand awareness in Asia, creating for the new brand a background with the mission, vision and values providing online and offline marketing and communication support
support in sourcing products, developing new design and functions, sharing its competences and suppliers network, visit with the customer factory and fairs in Europe and in Asia, doing inspections and factory audits from its China office in Ningbo

Italia76 is interested in building strong licensing and long term relation with its partners, so we strongly encourages licensees investing in the brand, asking reasonable commissions for the brand licensing because the success of the partner is our success.

Obviously our trademark licensing is available worldwide. So, if you are looking for an Italian brand licensing ask to Italia76:

Hong Kong Fair - 117th Canton Fair (Aprile 2015)

Hong Kong Fair – 117th Canton Fair (Aprile 2015)

Quella di quest’anno sarà la 40esima presenza di Italia76 alle fiere di Hong Kong e di Canton.

Se non volete perdere le novità del settore contattateci ed organizzeremo per voi tutto il necessario per la partecipazione diretta o indiretta alla fiera, incluso personale madrelingua dedicato in loco.

La nostra missione, anche attraverso il supporto di personale esperto in loco, è supportare le aziende italiane ed europee nell’ approccio ai distretti produttivi cinesi con lo scopo di individuare i fornitori ed i prodotti più idonei alle esigenze (qualità, innovazione, prezzo, ecc..) dei propri clienti. Il tutto limitando allo stretto necessario l’investimento iniziale che significa essere esposti a rischi più limitati.

Alcune delle nostre attività:

Attività di ricerca e selezione nuovi fornitori:
offrendo per ogni prodotto una serie di potenziali fornitori fornendo informazioni che non è possibile reperire con una semplice ricerca attraverso internet. Curando, se richiesto, la gestione della trattativa commerciale e facendo attività di controllo sulla merce prima della partenza dalla Cina; auditing con verifica dell’esistenza fisica del fornitore cinese al primo acquisto, prima del pagamento del deposito all’ordine.

Servizio di branch office / desk office:
Offrendo una struttura capace di ospitare Vostro personale o ricercando personale adatto alle Vostre esigenze, oppure solamente fornendoVi la possibilità di avere un recapito in Cina al fine di aumentare la visibilità della Vostra azienda; In tal senso il servizio che possiamo proporre sono:
Indirizzo virtuale della società; e-mail address; Numero telefonico dedicato; Servizio di traduzione; Fotocopie, predisposizione presentazioni in formato ppt. in duplice lingua (inglese/cinese); Organizzazione di servizio di corriere espresso; Postazione di lavoro con servizio di segretariato; Ufficio per meeting; Indirizzo reale della società;  Servizio di assistenza logistica (voli + hotel); Accompagnamento nei meeting con personale bi-lingue; Supporto per l’organizzazione di fiere ed eventi

Management Service:
offrendo assistenza e competenza per l’avvio di un’attività industriale sul mercato cinese fornendo all’occorrenza la piena disponibilità a seguire le attività produttive e di sviluppo nonché la gestione della catena di fornitori;

Italia76 at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna

Italia76 @ Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna

presenting in preview the new project maomarket, the new global market focus on households and small domestic appliances to our Asia partners. In these days we have been visiting Cosmoprof introducing our new platform to your partners.

Cosmoprof is the the world’s most important Trade Fair in the Cosmetics and Beauty industry, but it last only for a few days per year.

maomarket (opening soon) is the new marketplace open 24 hours, 365 days a year where international buyers can meet and find a selection of very important suppliers, selected and guaranteed by italia76 in more than 25 long years of co-operation. We want to be different and better of Alibaba and other similar platform that base they focus on quantity (thousands of suppliers and products) while we focus on quality: few selected suppliers, best sellers products.

Please stay tuned if you want to keep updated with news about maomarket.
Next stop Hong Kong Electronic Fair and Canton Fair.

Pizza oven G3Ferrari srl Express Napoli 101

Pizza oven G.Ferrari: past, present and future

Gabriele Ferrari is not only my best friend and business partner in Italia76, but also a guy that when was fifteen years old have seen the born of the first electric pizza oven in G3 Ferrari srl (now “in liquidazione”), his family owned factory.

Imagine that when we were playing with Lego he was playing with thermometers and thermostats… i’m joking!!!

For twenty years he worked with his father in G3Ferrari srl, in the small domestic electric appliances field. During this time many pizza ovens have been introduced in the market, all made in China, and all copies of the first original Ferrari Napoli 101 pizza oven. But obviously no one cooks pizza like the original one projected in Italy, the land of pizza!!!

Three years ago G3Ferrari srl closed, selling the brand to one company and the molds and assembly lines of pizza ovens made in Italy to another company. So now the first original electric pizza oven made in Italy is still produced in Modena, and Italia76 sells it worldwide for the new owner.

Italia76 is a new concept of company where experiences, ideas, creativity, design, marketing, trading are as important as logos, molds and stainless steel, and which is the natural evolution of the old G3 Ferrari Srl.

When you listen Gabriele Ferrari (on internet they call him G.Ferrari) speaking about pizza oven you understand that you are talking with it’s “natural father”, the most authoritative expert in the world in this appliance, the only one who have ideas and capacity to innovate a twenty years old technology.

Pizza is a serious business, a symbol of Italy in the world… like Ferrari!

And i’m proud that i can say that i’m selling what for Gabriele Ferrari is still the best electric pizza oven in the world. We are thinking and working on new design and functions for a new pizza oven projected in Italy, that will be the landmark of pizza ovens for the next twenty years (we hope!).

Cibus - Parma May 5 - 8 2014

Cibus – Parma May 5 – 8 2014

We will exhibit in Cibus 2014 we where will be able to show you our new pizza ovens and new tigella maker. It will be the chance to show you also our newest food solution, all studied and optimized to be perfectly cooked in our products.

Cibus, International Food Exhibition, is the key event of the Italian agri-food sector, the true “platform” enabling the companies committed to “Made in Italy” food to meet the major distributors, importers and professional of domestic and foreign markets.

Cibus is reserved JUST to food professional of retail, import-export and Ho.Re.Ca from Italy and abroad.

In 2012 there were more than 63.000 qualified visitors.
13.000 of which comes from abroad, among which 1.300 foreign buyers coming from 90 countries.
All those people were welcomed through the dedicated incoming program.

date: May 5th -8th 2014
Buyers entrance from 9:30 to 18
Parma Exhibition Center, Viale delle Esposizioni 393A – 43126 Parma, Italy

Hint: since the Fair address has recently changed, to set navigators, use the former address: “Via F. Rizzi- Baganzola ( Parma)”

Mini Microwave Oven Project

MMW – MiniMicroWave Oven project

In one of our most recent project we have been requested to develop a very powerful microwave, two times more powerful compared to the existing models, in half of the normal space.

Our customer is a very well known coffeehouse chain that would like to explore the pasta business.
Our pasta is great and it taste like the traditional Italian pasta.  Now we need a over which has to be a fast and professional one.
The existing models can cook pasta in 4 minutes. We are working on a target of 60 seconds.

At the moment we can’t tell you much more about this project , but we will keep you update and you will probably hear about it soon.

ROSSOWOLF Pizza Oven The Beast

The beast! Pizza Express..,an old pizza oven

Gentlemen, we can rebuild it.

We have the technology.

We have the capability to make the world’s finest pizza oven.

The beast” will be that oven.

Better than it was before.

Better… stronger… faster.


ROSSOWOLF – a (football) Team job

When we founded the company we decided to use our own football team name and logo to brand our top projects.

Wolves have excellent scenting skills and have exceptional hearing. They can also see in the dark. That makes wolf one of the most perfect hunter in nature.

Like wolves we focus on a target (that can be a project, a product or a market) and we will use all the ways to achieve the target.

Wolves are also animals that work cooperatively together as a pack. We believe in team work to sort out all the possible solutions and hit the target better and faster.

Rosso means red and red is the color of our main product, the famous pizza oven.
Rosso is the  color of passion and love, the color of our land.

And last but not least Rosso is the official club colour of our own football team.