Pizza oven G3Ferrari srl Express Napoli 101

Pizza oven G.Ferrari: past, present and future

Gabriele Ferrari is not only my best friend and business partner in Italia76, but also a guy that when was fifteen years old have seen the born of the first electric pizza oven in G3 Ferrari srl (now “in liquidazione”), his family owned factory.

Imagine that when we were playing with Lego he was playing with thermometers and thermostats… i’m joking!!!

For twenty years he worked with his father in G3Ferrari srl, in the small domestic electric appliances field. During this time many pizza ovens have been introduced in the market, all made in China, and all copies of the first original Ferrari Napoli 101 pizza oven. But obviously no one cooks pizza like the original one projected in Italy, the land of pizza!!!

Three years ago G3Ferrari srl closed, selling the brand to one company and the molds and assembly lines of pizza ovens made in Italy to another company. So now the first original electric pizza oven made in Italy is still produced in Modena, and Italia76 sells it worldwide for the new owner.

Italia76 is a new concept of company where experiences, ideas, creativity, design, marketing, trading are as important as logos, molds and stainless steel, and which is the natural evolution of the old G3 Ferrari Srl.

When you listen Gabriele Ferrari (on internet they call him G.Ferrari) speaking about pizza oven you understand that you are talking with it’s “natural father”, the most authoritative expert in the world in this appliance, the only one who have ideas and capacity to innovate a twenty years old technology.

Pizza is a serious business, a symbol of Italy in the world… like Ferrari!

And i’m proud that i can say that i’m selling what for Gabriele Ferrari is still the best electric pizza oven in the world. We are thinking and working on new design and functions for a new pizza oven projected in Italy, that will be the landmark of pizza ovens for the next twenty years (we hope!).

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