Happy Holidays and Best Wishes from Italia76

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes from Italia76

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
To our customes, partnes, suppliers, friends…. thank you all for another fantastic year 2016 together!

Our hope for new year 2017 is to continue to keep in contact with you, providing innovative small domestic appliances and brand licensing solutions for Your Business.

Italia76, ROSSOWOLF, Elitalia 2016

Italia76, ROSSOWOLF and Elitalia best wishes for xmast and the 2016 new year

If you compare the wishes artwork 2016 with the last year’s version, if you look carefully, you can notice that the only difference is not only the 2016 with a different font in green color, but also (and above all) there is Elitalia’s logo, the new elite brand of Italia76 licensed in South Korea!

After the start of licensing of ROSSOWOLF in 2014, ELITALIA in 2015 is a confirmation of the good work that Italia76 and its partners are doing in promoting and licensing premium Italian brands worldwide, and makes our company a reliable and strong partner for spread the italian style abroad.

In 2015 we have also started an important collaboration with the most important TV Shopping company in Italy for the scouting and sourcing of innovative and exciting small electric appliances from China, which required our participation to the Canton fair both in summer and winter editions.

Meanwhile our design house has collaborated with high experienced and emerging italian designers to develop innovative product design for industrial and ceramic customers, and our trading office has worked as export office in outsourcing for some important Italian companies in small electric appliances, home ware and food sectors.

Balance of 2015 is very positive for Italia76, and also this year we have to said “THANKS” to all our customers and partners because it is also thanks their trust, collaboration and friendship that we can archive another magnificent year and we can look with a smile to the new year.

Love and peace to all!

Italian brand licensing in Asia

Italian brand licensing in Asia

Asia is looking for Italian corporate brand licensing.

From Shanghai to Seoul to Tokyo many corporate brand licensing deals have already signed; Italia76 has started his own licensing with the brand ROSSOWOLF in South Korea in 2014 and now in the same Country is starting other two licensing in small domestic electric appliances.

According to the customer’s needs the brand can be selected among well known Italian brands or it can be studied  as a new Italian brand, taking in consideration specific requirements of the customer’s market.

For each Italian brand / licensing, Italia76 provides:
extension of the Italian and European trademark registration in Asia
marketing support in building the brand awareness in Asia, creating for the new brand a background with the mission, vision and values providing online and offline marketing and communication support
support in sourcing products, developing new design and functions, sharing its competences and suppliers network, visit with the customer factory and fairs in Europe and in Asia, doing inspections and factory audits from its China office in Ningbo

Italia76 is interested in building strong licensing and long term relation with its partners, so we strongly encourages licensees investing in the brand, asking reasonable commissions for the brand licensing because the success of the partner is our success.

Obviously our trademark licensing is available worldwide. So, if you are looking for an Italian brand licensing ask to Italia76:

Merry Xmas and a happy new 2015 with Italia76 and ROSSOWOLF

Merry Xmas and a happy new 20152 with Italia76 and ROSSOWOLF

Another year is finishing and, in a flash, is Christmas again.

At the end of the year people and companies usually like to make a balance, and also for Italia76 it’s the right time for it.

Year 2014 has been thrilling for us: we traveled all over the world for fairs and business, met a lot of interesting people, expanded our catalogue with new cool products, started the licensing of ROSSOWOLF, Italia76 premium brand, in Korea.

The success of an international trading agency like Italia76 is the success of it’s customers, partners and suppliers. If can develop innovative appliances, create and promote new brands, import a lot of containers from China or export and promote many Italian products abroad we have to thank all people that in any way, this year have had a relationship with Italia76 and have helped our company to make great business.

In a few days will be the first new year 20152 for Italia76!
Next will be 19th February for the Chinese New Year, because China is our second home!
Our hope for new year 2015, whatever is it,  is that we can still continue to work, or start collaborating with you, to help each other to reach its targets, create high value for all, share goals ad successes.

ROSSOWOLF FC - The Football Club of Italia76

ROSSOWOLF FC – The Football Club of Italia76

Founded in the city of Cixi (China) , ROSSOWOLF FC is participating at its first year to the Cixi Serie A league.
The team manager of RW FC is Mr. Sam, business partner of Italia76 and friend of Gabriele and Alessandro, that enjoy the role of honorary presidents.

During our last trip in China in middle of June, 2014 we played with our team a couple of friendly matches and we have to say that we have a strong team and a great #10 .

We have been given our RW official Jersey with #18 for Gabriele and #3 for Alessandro. So Ferrari and Trenti have been the first Italian players in Cixi league!

Considering how Italia played in the last world cup in Brasil, we haven’t done that bad. Gabriele playing in Andrea Pirlo position scored twice, Alessandro as left wing scored once too.

Sam, our team manager and player #99, expressed his deep satisfaction with the organization of this friendly matches, and will join us in Italy in September for learning some italian techniques and tactics to be applied to the team in China.

Italia76 is now founding a team to participate also to the italian league, and plan to open another team in Holland as soon as possible.


Business new year with Italia76 ROSSOWOLF

Business new year 2014 with Italia76 and ROSSOWOLF

2014: the year of the red wolf!

It was the year 1014 and the cold lowlands of Europe were dominated by fear and confusion.
It is said, however, that during that winter the people of the North saw a red wolf wandering around the most important capitals of Europe.
And that was the end of the dark age and the beginning of a new era of hope and prosperity for the Northern Kingdoms.

Legend has it that only each one thousand years the red wolf resumes its journey.

It seems that he has already been spotted in Italy, ready to restore happiness and prosperity to those who will meet him.

Happy New Year and in bocca al lupo!

ROSSOWOLF Pizza Oven The Beast

The beast! Pizza Express..,an old pizza oven

Gentlemen, we can rebuild it.

We have the technology.

We have the capability to make the world’s finest pizza oven.

The beast” will be that oven.

Better than it was before.

Better… stronger… faster.


ROSSOWOLF – a (football) Team job

When we founded the company we decided to use our own football team name and logo to brand our top projects.

Wolves have excellent scenting skills and have exceptional hearing. They can also see in the dark. That makes wolf one of the most perfect hunter in nature.

Like wolves we focus on a target (that can be a project, a product or a market) and we will use all the ways to achieve the target.

Wolves are also animals that work cooperatively together as a pack. We believe in team work to sort out all the possible solutions and hit the target better and faster.

Rosso means red and red is the color of our main product, the famous pizza oven.
Rosso is the  color of passion and love, the color of our land.

And last but not least Rosso is the official club colour of our own football team.